Loading More Tweets with Endless Scrolling

<div id="jTweetsAnywhereEndlessScrollingSample">

<script type="text/javascript">
    username: 'themattharris',
    count: 20,
    showTweetFeed: {
        showProfileImages: true,
        showUserScreenNames: true,
        paging: {
            mode: 'endless-scroll'
    onDataRequestHandler: function(stats) {
        if (stats.dataRequestCount < 11) {
            return true;
        else {
            alert("To avoid struggling with Twitter's rate limit, we stop loading data after 10 API calls.");

Here's the code to create the tweet feed.

The supplied onDataRequestHandler event handler is used to limit the number of Twitter API calls to a maximum of 10, to avoid the exhaustion of remaining Twitter API calls, before the rate limit is reached.

HINT: Don't forget to set the height of the tweet feed element (.jta-tweet-list) in your CSS to get a scrollbar! You should also set the "overflow" attribute to "auto". See the CSS for this sample below.

#jTweetsAnywhereEndlessScrollingSample .jta-tweet-list
    height: 400px;
Current Release: V1.3.1